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BMSC-GA 4417 Research in Biomedical Imaging 0.5 - 12 credits

Course director: D. Turnbull, Fall and Spring Semesters

This course is only open to graduate students at the Sackler Institute that have joined the Biomedical Imaging training program. Throughout the program, students will enroll in a variable amount of research credits depending upon their stage in their graduate career. Students will have the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research in various areas, including ultra-high field MRI, parallel transmission, musculoskeletal MRI, multinuclear MRI, difusion MRI, neuroimaging, MR spectroscopy, MR engineering and molecular imaging.

There is no syllabus for this course.

BMSC-GA 4416 Seminar in Biomedical Imaging 1.5 credits

Required seminar for graduate students in the Biomedical Imaging program (second year and beyond). The seminar provides a weekly forum for all graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty to meet and for the students and postdocs to present recent results and discuss the history and future of their research projects. Research seminars are combined with a monthly journal club, with papers selected and presented by the students and postdoctoral fellows in the biomedical imaging field.

There is no syllabus for this course, students that join the Biomedical Imaging program may contact Dr. Turnbull directly.

BMSC-GA 4418 Tutorial in Biomedical Imaging 1 - 4 credits

Graduate students in the Sackler Institute Biomedical Imaging training program are encouraged to complete a one semester Tutorial in Biomedical Imaging. This course is meant for students in their third or fourth year who want to learn a new technique or to explore a subject area not covered in existing courses. Students will select the research topic to discuss with their choice of faculty member during weekly sessions. This tutorial is offered for a variable amount of credits, which will be based on the scope of the topic/project and the amount of time spent in faculty/student discussions.

There is no syllabus for this course, students may contact Dr. Turnbull directly for information.


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