CAI2R Researchers present at the Bi-Annual Gordon Research Conference on In Vivo Magnetic Resonance.

We are proud to announce that there will be nine CAI2R affiliated poster presentations at this year’s Gordon Research Conference on In Vivo Magnetic Resonance. This Bi-Annual Conference brings scientists with diverse backgrounds together for a week filled with presentations and discussions on the latest developments in MR technology and applications.

Here is a list of our presentations:

Steven Baete
“A Multi-Echo Stimulated Echo Diffusion Sequence to Accelerate Radial Diffusion Spectrum Imaging”
Monday, July 28th

Els Fieremans
“In vivo Observation of Time-Dependent Diffusion in White Matter in Humans”
Monday, July 28th

Jelle Veraart
“Gibbs Ringing Removal in Diffusion MRI Using Second Order Total Variation Minimization”
Monday, July 28th

Ileana Jelescu
“One Diffusion Acquisition and Three White Matter Models: How Does Microstructure Change in Human Early Development?”
Tuesday, July 29th

Dmitry Novikov
“How Does Diffusion in Extra-Axonal Space Approach its Gaussian Limit?”
Tuesday, July 29th

Jose Raya
“Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Articular Cartilage from Ex Vivo Validation to In Vivo Clinical Application”
Tuesday, July 29th

Dung Hoang “A Circularly-Polarized Dual-Litz RF Coil for In Vivo Whole Mouse Body Imaging”
Wednesday, July 30th

Gregory Lemberskiy “Quantifying In-Vivo Changes in Myofiber Diameter Due to Muscular Atrophy and Recovery with Time-Dependent Diffusion MRI”
Wednesday, July 30th

Guillaume Madelin
“Measurement of Intracellular Sodium Concentration and Extracellular Volume Fraction in Brain Using Sodium MRI with Inversion Recovery”
Wednesday, July 30th


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