Baiyu Chen

Baiyu Chen, PhD
Medical Physicist
Center for Biomedical Imaging
4th Floor 660 First Avenue New York, NY 10016
Educational Details: 

Duke University, Durham, NC                                                      May 2014

Ph.D. in Medical Physics;

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China                                             June 2008

B.E. in Engineering Physics

Selected Publications: 
  1. B Chen, C Ma, S Leng, JL Fidler, SP Sheedy, CH McCollough, JG Fletcher, L Yu. Validation of a Projection-domain Insertion of Liver Lesions into CT Images. Academic Radiology. 2016. In press.
  2. S Leng, B Chen, T Vrieze, J Kuhlmann, L Yu, A Alexander, J Matsumoto, J Morris, CH McCollough. Construction of realistic phantoms from patient images and a commercial three-dimensional printer. J Med Imag. 2016;3(3):033501.
  3. Z Yu, S Leng, SM Jorgensen, Z Li, R Gutjahr, B Chen, AF Halaweish, S Kappler, L Yu, EL Ritman. Evaluation of conventional imaging performance in a research whole-body CT system with a photon-counting detector array. Phys Med Biol. 2016;61(4):1572-95.
  4. B Chen, S Leng, L Yu, Z Yu, C Ma, CH McCollough. Lesion Insertion in the Projection Domain: Methods and Initial Results. Medical Physics. 2015;42(12):7034-7042.
  5. B Chen, X Duan, Z Yu, S Leng, L Yu, CH McCollough. Technical Note: Development and Validation of an Open Data Format for CT Projection Data. Medical Physics. 2015;42(12): 6964-6972.
  6. B Chen, JC Ramirez Giraldo, E Samei. Evaluating Iterative Reconstructions in Computed Tomography. Medical Physics. 2014;41(12):121913.
  7. B Chen, O Christianson, J Wilson, E Samei. Assessment of Volumetric Noise and Resolution Performance for Linear and Nonlinear CT Reconstruction Methods. Medical Physics. 2014;41(7):071909.
  8. B Chen, H Barnhart, S Richard, M Robins, J Colsher, E Samei. Volumetric Quantification of Lung Nodules in CT with Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR and MBIR). Medical Physics. 2013;40(11):111902. (Featured Article)
  9. DB Husarik, D Marin, E Samei, S Richard, B Chen, TA Jaffe, MR Bashir, RC Nelson. Radiation Dose Reduction in Abdominal Computed Tomography During the Late Hepatic Arterial Phase Using a Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm: How Low Can We Go? Investigative Radiology. 2012;47(8):468-74.
  10. B Chen, J Shorey, RS Saunders Jr, S Richard, J Thompson, LW Nolte, E Samei. An Anthropomorphic Breast Model for Breast Imaging Simulation and Optimization. Academic Radiology. 2011;18(5):536-46. (Issue Highlight)


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We gratefully acknowledge generous support for radiology research at NYU Langone Health from:
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